John & Tanya

I would like to share a bit about our first utility bill. First, this has been one of the coldest winters in over 10 years. Add to that the fact that because of ongoing construction there are still major “leaks” throughout the dead bolt slots in outside doors, no window treatments on any of the 52 windows or French doors, doors repeatedly left open by workmen, etc. We have even had to turn the unit off and then re-heat the entire house at night. Needless to say, we have used lots of extra utilities. Lastly the door to the attic is not installed so I am technically heating about 7300 sq. ft vs 5300 sq.ft. With my rental home's (2100 sq.  ft) utility bill running $265 surely you can imagine my fear to open the first utility bill at the new house. I was in absolute shock!!!!!!    $220 !!!!! Do the happy dance!!!  With the 2x6 construction, the foam insulation walls and the geothermal unit  the house is performing beautifully……So, so very happy....we just had to share!